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Manusha - The little gypsy witch

Manusha - The little gypsy witch
Director: Tomislav Zaja

Genre:  Children / Musical / Comedy / Fantasy 

Locations: Austria, Croatia, Macedonia
Language: Croatian
Dubbing: German
Subtitles: English

The Little Gypsy Witch is the story of Manusha, a single child in an urban Roma family. Mother Aska works in a light-bulb factory, father Hrast plays the trumpet in a funeral orchestra, while granny Ilonka, the neighborhood fortune-teller, infallibly predicts fate. Up until one morning when she pulls out the Death card to herself. At the moment when granny Ilonka breathes her last breath, mother is fired from her job, father loses his musical ear and his trumpet stops listening to him, and the house pet Baltazar’s (the ferret) fur goes white from the stress, and then completely fades and disappears!
“It is almost as if you are cursed”, says Zdenko, Manusha’s friend from school. With the help of granny’s ghost who is stuck in a portrait on the wall of the living room, Manusha and Zdenko discover the truth behind “granny’s curse”, as well as a huge family secret ...
Cast: Selma Ibrahimi, Marin Arman Grbin, Aleksandra Balmazovic, Rakan Rushaidat, Sabina Ajrula, Krunoslav Saric

Director: Tomislav Zaja

Scriptwriter: Irena Krcelic
DoP: Mario Delic

Editor: Hrvoje Mrsic

Music: Vjeran Salamon & King Naat Veliov
Original songs: Miro Kadoic (Vjeran Salamon)
Sound: Mladen Pervan

Production Designer: Ivica Trpcic
Art Directors: Hans Joerg Mikesch
, Bujar Mucha
Costume Designer: Blanka Budak (Katja Hrobat)

Make-up supervisor: Ana Bulajic Crcek
VFX supervisor: Reinhold Fragner
Producers: Boris Dmitrovic, Knut Ogris, Zoran Risteski
Production Managers: Luka Dmitrovic, Daniel Hackenberg
, Katja Getov
Produced by: Formula Film (Croatia), Knut Ogris Films (Austria), Geyzer Film (Macedonia)
Funded by: ÖFI, FiSA, OÖ Kultur, HAVC, Macedonian Ministry of Culture,
City of Zagreb Film Fund
Supported by EURIMAGES
Participation: HRT, ORF
Shooting: 28.12.2010 – 11.2. 2011
Release: June 2011

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